Getting ready for Fall Festival? Or for a children’s Bible club meeting? Here’s a free devotion you might like to use–in keeping with the season. 

Getting Ready

Ahead of time, use a white crayon to outline a cross on a large piece of poster board. (For best results, press hard.) You will also need some watercolor paints, a small cup of water, and a paintbrush. Display the poster board on an easel or chalk tray so the children can see it easily. Place a folded bath towel below the easel to catch any drips of water.


Welcome the children and show them your open Bible. Explain that the Bible is a special book given to us by God. The Bible helps us know about God. It tells us God is strong and powerful. He is holy and glorious. He is wise and majestic. The Bible says he is the judge of all the people on earth.

We are none of these things. We often disobey God. We fail to worship him or pray to him. We hurt one another. These things are sinful.

But the Bible also tells that God goes on caring about us and loving us despite our sins. God loves us so much, in fact, that he sent his Son, Jesus, to be our Savior. Jesus died on a cross to take away our sins—all the unkind, unloving, wrong things we do. But Jesus didn’t stay dead. God raised him from the dead. That’s how loving and powerful God is!

Today we will look at a special promise God makes to you and me in the Bible. (Read Isaiah 41:10 from your Bible.) Then ask the children, “Do you ever feel afraid? What things sometimes scare children? What things frighten teens? Adults?”

As the children name common fears, use dark blue or purple watercolor paint to paint a portion of the paper. As more and more fears are named, the cross you drew earlier will appear on the paper, as the wax crayon resists the watercolor paint. 

When the entire page is painted and the cross is completely revealed, read the Bible verse again. Then say:

This is a great promise from God, isn’t it? The cross reminds us that no matter what happens, we can be sure of God’s love for us. He will stay right beside us to help us and give us strength. That’s a promise you can count on!

To help children remember the Bible verse, teach the following echo cheer. Form a circle. Ask the students to listen and then echo your words—at the same volume you use. Encourage them to mimic your actions, too. Begin by whispering the words. As you continue, speak a bit louder each time, until all the children can shout the words loudly and confidently.

Teacher: Fear not! (arms crossed over chest, then quickly brought to your sides)

Students: Fear not!

Teacher: God is with you. (both index fingers point upward and then to another person in the circle)

Students: God is with you.

Give Fear Not God’s Love Shines Bright Glow-in-the-Dark Bracelets to participants. Encourage them to wear the bracelets as a reminder of God’s love for them in Jesus. Each time they look at the bracelet, they can remember God’s promise to help and comfort them at all times because of Jesus.

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