I have found that the children I teach sometimes think that Easter ends once Easter Sunday has come and gone. I contradict that by teaching them that Easter is a season that begins on Easter Sunday. During this special season, we celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive! He has now ascended into heaven and, one day, we will live with him there. Our life with Jesus will never end.

How wonderful that in the Northern Hemisphere Easter corresponds with spring and new life in the flowers and trees. This makes it that much easier to teach young children about the new life God gives us in Jesus!

I like to plant seeds with my students at this time each year. We save our milk cartons from lunch, cut off the tops, and glue construction paper covers around the cartons. We use these in a lesson that integrates both science and religion class.

We talk about how God has given us the earth, the sun, and the rain, that these work together to make the seasons, and that spring marks the arrival of new life. God gives new life to seeds, just as he brought Jesus’ body back to life. The kids love this interactive lesson, and it’s become even more meaningful since CTA has begun to offer their plantable seed cross—it works perfectly for this project!

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