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Use Easter Events to Make Eternal Connections

Would the people who worship in your church report that they experience a very real and personal connection with their Lord there? A recent study by George Barna shows that while about 66% would say yes, about a third would say no. What’s more, among those who attend church regularly, fewer than half say this…

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Walk in Lovea free kids’ devotion for Valentine’s Day

Today, I need a helper. (Select a volunteer.) Thank you. I’m going to whisper a phrase in your ear, and I’d like you to act it out. Then, I want all of you to guess the word. (Whisper, “Walk like you’re angry.” Allow the helper to do so.) Who can guess the word? (Let individuals…

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Death Yields Lifea free devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: This Easter season, CTA invites you to focus on God’s everlasting love. It’s a remarkable, undying love that brought us forgiveness through Jesus on that first Resurrection Day. Today’s devotion is an entry from the A Love That Never Dies devotional prayer journal. This devotion book, based on Jeremiah 31:3, takes readers through the forty…

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3 New Ways to Send Home the Easter Message

One of the many incredible traits of God is that he is changeless. No matter our life’s circumstances, no matter our world’s troubles, he is always the same—all-powerful, overflowing with wisdom, and always ready to forgive us in Jesus’ name. Hebrews 1:12 (ESV) says this: “You [God] are the same, and your years will have…

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The Very Best ValentineA Christian Valentine’s Day lesson plan

Editor’s note: If you’re looking for a Christian lesson plan to use on Valentine’s Day, today’s post is for you! For more FREE resources to use in celebrating Valentine’s Day, look to CTA’s Resource & Idea Center.  Ask the students: Why is Valentine’s Day so much fun? Why do you like it? Do you think…

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Spiritual HousecleaningA free devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: It’s hard to believe, but the Easter season is right around the corner—Ash Wednesday is March 1. Just like in the past, CTA is offering seven FREE sermon outlines to help you prepare your worshipers for Resurrection Day. This year, the theme is A Love That Never Dies, based on Jeremiah 31:3. You’ll find the third…

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I Have to Fire a VolunteerAsk Karen

Editor’s note: Today, we continue the series titled: Ask Karen. CTA’s volunteer expert, Karen Kogler, will answer one of the most pressing volunteer-related questions facing church leaders in 2017. If you have a question you’d like to ask Karen, just post it in the comments section! Question: I have a volunteer who recently overstepped a…

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God’s Love Amazes MeA free Valentine’s Day devotion for kids

Editor’s note: While most Valentine’s Day celebrations recognize the sin-flawed love that we share here on Earth, today’s devotion draws children closer to the ever-perfect love that God showed us through Jesus. This Ministry Message accompanies CTA’s God’s Love Amazes Me lineup of Christian Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. Look for goodie bags, crafts, and Valentine’s…

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Love You More!A free devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: Today’s devotion comes from CTA’s latest women’s devotion book, Woman of God®: Living Loved. The 64-page book focuses on  Jeremiah 31:3. Each devotion encourages readers to use God’s Word to take a closer look at who they are and what they do. Don’t forget—CTA also offers a FREE retreat guide in this theme. It’s…

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FREE Easter Prep Resources for Kids and Adults

Resurrection Sunday is still a few months away (April 16, to be exact), but what if your church took extra time this spring to focus on Jesus’ Passion? Setting aside time during the six weeks leading up to Easter Sunday can really help your worshippers personalize Jesus’ life and sacrifice in their hearts. How will…

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