Want Volunteers? Invite and Equip Parents

Parents make great volunteers. Most scouting groups and kids’ sports teams are run entirely by parents. Many parents are graciously willing to invest time and energy to give their children enriching experiences. Invite and encourage parents to serve, but beware, this can be one of the most challenging areas of volunteer recruitment and management. Some…

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5 Ways to Celebrate Advent in the Classroom

Many liturgical churches recognize the four weeks leading up to Christmas as “Advent.” It’s a time to remember our need for a Savior and the way that God fulfilled that need—by sending Jesus as a baby in a manger. It’s also a time to look forward to the second coming of Jesus. It’s a time…

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Blessings Overflowa free devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: As you plan this week’s Thanksgiving celebrations, we encourage you to use this Ministry Message taken from CTA’s new Thanksgiving theme, Blessings Overflow. It’s a wonderful reminder of the daily blessings that God graciously gives us and of the greatest blessing of all, forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Before you begin Search for “elephant…

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Family Ministry Feature25 Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Editor’s note: The blogs we post on Tuesdays are usually specific to kids’ ministry, but this week we are shifting the focus to family ministry. We encourage you to print this blog and send it home with your students this week. The holiday season is a wonderful time for families to grow together in faith…

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The Nativity Stara free devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: Today’s devotion is a Ministry Message that accompanies one of our most popular Christmas gifts: Ornaments of Faith®. This Christmas, CTA is offering nine beautiful, pewter-finished ornaments that each come with their own gift tag. This particular devotion is based on the Nativity Star ornament. Getting Started Bring the morning’s newspaper or a…

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Planning a Children’s Christmas ServiceStep 5

There are only 45 days until Christmas. And probably even fewer days before your children’s Christmas program! Have you started practicing yet? Step 5: Practice Let’s start by taking a step back. Before you begin practicing your Christmas program as a group, you need to send the speaking and musical assignments home with the children….

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In God We Trusta free devotion for Veteran’s Day

At least one Internet site lists the names of each of the more than 3,400 individuals who have received our nation’s highest military award—the Congressional Medal of Honor. The site also includes the citations detailing what each hero did to earn this Medal. The citations cannot help but humble and inspire us. Let me share…

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